The Wide Range Of Colors And Styles In The Newer Vinyl Shake Siding

The siding can be cut with common tools and installed by local labor. People handy with tools can do it themselves. It is flexible, except in extremely cold weather when it becomes brittle. Blows that would dent other siding materials, such as moderately-sized hail, usually bounce off Vinyl shakes siding. Vinyl shake siding does not support combustion, but it will soften and distort under high temperatures. Vinyl shake will not fade or rust and resists dents. It is available in a wide range of styles and colors, many of them made to resemble wood. Vinyl shake siding also is fabricated to resemble other materials, such as brick and stone. Vinyl shake siding generally comes with life time guarantees. Maintenance is easy. The siding consists of the same. The exterior and interior faces are available in many materials, colors, textures, and styles. Some panels are even designed as structural support members and can be used as complete outer walls without any additional framing. When used in post-and-beam construction, the panels form a complete wall system, with exterior surface, insulation, and interior surfaces. Vinyl shake material all the way through so scratches does not need to be retouched. Maintenance consists of an occasional rinse with a garden hose. Mild detergents can be used for stubborn dirt. This siding cannot be repainted. Costs of Vinyl shake siding vary widely. It may be more or less expensive to install than aluminum or steel. Vinyl shake siding can imitate brick, stone, and wood siding.

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