Varieties Types Of T-111 Siding Is Available In Our Siding Company

T-111 siding is handled efficiently to give a wood like view in its external appearance. The T-111 sidings are available at two kinds of thicknesses 3/8” and 5/8”. Moreover the sidings are accessible at 4’x8’ sheets and can be made larger as 4’x10’ also based on your needs. Our company sidings are properly coated at all the exposed edges with high quality paint to prevent the sidings from de-lamination. The plywood siding is a bit costlier than the OSB siding but it always gives a greater resemblance as wood if it is stained , primed and painted well and it ensure long lasting durability. These reflective compounds keep the exterior surface and the innerplys of the T1-11 noticeably cooler. As a result, expansion that contributes to the delamination and warping of the plywood will either be eliminated or kept to a minimum.

We offer you a natural and plywood panel based siding which is properly overlaid for high longevity in your home at a very affordable price. Due to its global use it is used by many peoples and has extended its use in class action lawsuit and home depot also. If you want to use T-111 siding just consults our professionals. OSB siding is available at a very low cost since it needs not to be painted or stained but plywood is expensive to the OSB siding since it gives a richer wood like look by the proper staining and painting process. We offer highly efficient materials which are used to cover roofs to protect them from weather.

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