We Provide The Best Solution Of Log Sidings For You

Log Cabin Siding should be preconditioned to the environment in which it will be used. For interior applications, precondition the material for 10 days to 2 weeks by storing it in the room where it will be installed. For exterior applications, precondition and install when the material is at a climatic balance not extreme weather. The correct nails are essential to the proper application of Log Cabin Siding. Stainless steel nails are best. Hot-dipped galvanized nails can be used, but they must be top-quality nails, or they could result in discoloration. The degree of protective coating may vary. Use ring or spiral-threaded nail shanks, which will increase the holding power. Nails with smooth shanks will loosen as siding expands and contracts under the extremes of changes in temperature and humidity. As with any natural wood siding, Log Cabin Siding should be installed over a weather resistant barrier, regardless of the sheathing material. A weather-resistant barrier is a vapor permeable sheathing wrap that resists any liquid that gets behind the siding, and acts as a drainage plane. In order for the barrier to function as a drainage plane, sheathing wrap should have an air gap between the wrap and the siding. Generally used for exterior siding but can also be used for interior accents, this product is more economical to use than traditional solid log construction and allows the home owner to insulate to a higher value, while allowing more flexibility.

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