Various Features And Benefits Of Concrete Sidings Services

  • Controlled oven curing system
  • Superior quality acrylic latex paint with proven long term performance
  • Multiple designer colors available
  • Enhanced grain definition, real wood appearance
  • Consistent coating application unlike field spray application

Painted fiber-cement siding hasn’t been tested for as long as painted-wood siding, but its excellent dimensional stability suggests a similar longevity for the finish. However, the finish for both products has to be applied under ideal conditions. Unpainted siding cannot be exposed to the sun prior to finish application. The painting has to be done at the right temperature, in the right humidity, and in a dust-free environment.Thin fiber cement cladding is fragile before installation and must be handled carefully; it is prone to chipping and breakage if improperly handled. We have a team of experts who can implement your dream ideas in your residence or office as per the layout of your building. Our interior designers and specialist engineers will help you choose our services in a very efficient way.When fiber cement is cut or drilled, it will create dust. This dust may contain crystalline silica, which can pose a health risk. To ensure adequate ventilation, work outdoors or use mechanical ventilation to reduce potential exposure. One of the most important things you can do to make the job go smoothly is to make sure that all tools are in good shape and everyone understands how to use them properly.Maintain all hand tools and equipment in a safe condition and check regularly for defects. Do not use broken or damaged tools.

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