Complete Perfect Finishes By Our Experts Through Cedar Siding

For cedar siding, our expert finishers recommend that a final whole-house coat be applied on site to seal the end grain and the face nails. Even if all the siding is factory-finished, the fresh end cuts need to be painted as the siding is installed. Cedar siding is available in a range of designs and grades, offering the variety and versatility to complement any architectural style. It adapts equally well to bold and expressive modernism or the well defined criteria of period styling. The cedar wood projects of your choice will be executed in the shortest possible time. Bevel, pattern and board-and-batten are among the most popular sidings and there are many variations within these styles to provide a variety of designer effects to suit a wide range of tastes. Although every effort has been made in this publication to show representative grades, the actual appearance may vary between manufacturers. Choosing a siding is largely a matter of personal preference, architectural appearance and environmental harmony. The size, height and design of a home, its setting, the changing designs of light and shade during the course of a day, will all influence the final choice. Cedar bevel siding is the most widely used cedar siding type. It is produced by resaving lumber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other. The manufacturing process results in pieces with one face saw textured. The other face is smooth or saw textured depending on the grade and customer preference. Bevel siding is installed horizontally and gives an attractive shadow line which varies with the thickness of siding selected.

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