Service And Maintenance Of Board And Batten Siding By Our Experts

The board and batten siding are found in numerous types, textures and sizes to fulfill your needs. Whatever may be the type and size of lumber, the battens need to overlap the boards. We serve you the most attractive, stunning color which permeates through the sliding by which the scratches won’t be visible. The coating that we use on our siding is one of the most advanced coating systems available today and has excellent color retention properties. The baked on PVC coating that we use on our siding provides an excellent base on which to put a quality latex paint. This would allow you to refinish your siding to a different color of your choice.

Another way to achieve the board-on-board look is to use board and batten panels. These panels feature a reverse batten style, in which the batten is placed behind the simulated boards.

For installation of board and batten siding, we cut and install jambs along the sides of the window, then do the same for the sill. We apply sealer to all cut edges. We set the drip cap in place so the bottom lip is over the jamb extension and nail the drip cap in the upper corners using the galvanized nails. Position the boards and battens and fill gaps between boards and soffits , and between the boards and jambs with flexible, paintable caulk.

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