Welcome to the unofficial Detroit Fire Department Emergency Medical Services (EMS) website. We started this site in March of 2004 with primary focus being on the EMT's and Paramedics of Detroit EMS. We wanted a place to be able to get together with our odd shifts so one of the first things we added was a message board.

About The Site

We are currently in the process of moving servers. We are doing away with a lot of older pages that no longer get used. We have moved all games to the message board. We have taken down the protocols for DEMCA as they are not current. We have taken down the Drug guides also as they are now duplicated on another site.

The good news :)

By moving servers we are able to add a photo gallery and another thousand or so games. We will be creating static pages for the union representatives that are willing to use them to put out information. The site will (should) load quicker and we can do away with a lot of the file size limits that had been placed before.

Medic 15